A few years ago I started my fitness journey. I remembered working out like crazy and getting on the scale one day, thinking I crushed it. Only to see the exact same number from the last time I stepped on it.   After getting frustrated with my lack of progress according to my scale, I saw a post on Instagram and it said that the “scale is a liar”.  Then they proceeded to talk about the importance of taking pictures and measurements.
That post opened my eyes to the importance of taking pictures and measurements instead of stepping on the scale to measure progress.
Sure, having your picture taken in a state that you are not happy with is something that you don’t want to do.  You feel vulnerable, exposed, and embarrassed about the position you are currently in.  
Think about all the amazing before/after pictures that fuel your motivation.  Those women/men who inspire you felt the exact same as you do but they took the picture anyways.  
There will be times during your weight loss journey when you feel stuck. You’ll hit a plateau, you’ll look in the mirror and feel like nothing’s changed and get frustrated.
These are the moments that make or break you. That’s when you switch to that “why bother working so hard when I get no results anyway”.  
It’s in these moments that you need to take another picture and look at them side by side. The results will surprise you.

Reasons to Measure Progress Without the Scale

  1. Scales can be off and you won’t know how much.
  2.  Your weight fluctuates day to day, even hour to hour.
  3.  Measurements don’t lie.  The numbers on the tape show fat loss, even if the scale doesn’t.
  4.  Clothes will tell you more than scale will.
If you want to use the scale, then use it only once a week.  The same day and time.  Otherwise, you should look into throwing it away.  Just know that progress can be a slow process.  Don’t make it slower by quitting just because a scale says you didn’t make progress.
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