I’ve been drinking soda for as long as I can remember. The daily cherry coke in high school, the 12 packs that always ended in my shopping cart, or even the late night gas station runs for it because someone drank the last one. So rude!

I, like a ton of people, tried quitting only to get brain splitting headaches. Which lead me to continue drinking the stuff. Becuase who wants to feel like their eyeball is going to pop out of their head? Not me!

I finally had enough the summer of 2012. I realized it was expensive (I was broke) and it was doing nothing positive for my body. So I set out to quit without going cold turkey.

It took me three weeks but by the end of those three weeks, I not only quit my expensive habit but I ended up a regular water drinker. Bonus!  Check out why water is so important here.

So let’s start with the big secret…HOW I did it…I simply scheduled my sodas. That’s it! Pretty crazy huh?

Here’s what I did:

First, I drank cans. So if you use 2-liter bottles, be prepared to either buy cans or measure your soda. I prefer that you use cans because you can’t pour yourself more on ‘accident’. Don’t think I don’t know that trick…

Note:  Do NOT substitute the removed soda for juice or another form of sugary drink.  This will defeat the purpose of quitting.  Trust me on this.

Week 1:  I allowed myself 3 sodas a day, and they were at the same time every day. Mine were lunch, dinner and 1 after dinner.  I start my day with coffee, so there is no need for one in the morning.

Week 2:  I take one away and only have 2 sodas a day. Instead of the third one, I drink water.

Week 3:  I take another soda away and have only 1 a day. That last one for me was the lunchtime soda. Again, substitute water for the removed soda.

Once week 3 was over I removed the last soda and had only water.

I know it’s not a quick fix.  When we decide on something, we want the results yesterday, but when does a QUICK fix ever actually FIX anything?  Just a little food for thought 🙂

I’m not going to lie, I DO still drink soda, BUT only when I go to the movies (because you can’t have popcorn without soda at the movies) and on road trips.  I do NOT buy it outside those two situations.

At first, it was hard because it’s a habit that we don’t even know we have.  Though, I can promise you that it does get easier.

I hope this helps!  Let me know how it goes when you quit!



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