Meal Prep Wars: A New Hope

Meal Prepping broken down simple so anyone can do it.

The most common thing I hear about getting weight loss results are that they happen in the kitchen.  Which I have totally found to be true.  Damn you cliches!!  When I first started my journey I watched people on Instagram, with their fancy meal prep layouts and I would be so envious.  … Read More

The Scale is A Liar: Why You Need to Break Out Your Camera

scale, nsv, camera, documenting, non scale victory
 A few years ago I started my fitness journey. I remembered working out like crazy and getting on the scale one day, thinking I crushed it. Only to see the exact same number from the last time I stepped on it.  … Read More

Budget Friendly Breakfast Burritos

budget friendly breakfast burritos, burritos, breakfast, quick,healthy, easy, sausage, eggs

Breakfast in our house is different for everyone. I am good with a smoothie (my latest obsession), and the little guy is good with cereal.  Erik needs something that will fill him up to keep him going all morning.  This is why I came up with breakfast burritos for him.  … Read More

Best Equipment For Home Workouts

fitness, at home, workout, equipment, jump rope, resistance bands, bench, weights

The other day I must have driven by 10 different gyms, and I have to admit that I do love going to the gym.  All the equipment at my disposal is sooo wonderful.  However, being a mom doesn’t always work in my favor when it comes to leaving and going to the gym.  … Read More

How I Finally Quit Soda Without the Annoying Headaches

quit soda, soda, water, healthy, wellness

I’ve been drinking soda for as long as I can remember. The daily cherry coke in high school, the 12 packs that always ended in my shopping cart, or even the late night gas station runs for it because someone drank the last one.… Read More

Drink Your Damn Water Already

drink water, water, healthy, wellness

We have all heard the saying that our bodies are made of 70% water, right? Of course. It usually comes from advertisers trying to get you to buy their brand of water.  But here’s the things…it’s totally true. Our bodies are made up of that much water.… Read More

10 Ways to Do Cardio Without A Treadmill

cardio, treadmill, jump rope, stairs, jacobs ladder, swimming, types of cardio, elliptical

Ever go to the gym for cardio and go directly to the treadmill or elliptical machines but absolutely hate it?  Oh yeah, me too!  I don’t want to brag, but I am a former treadmill/elliptical queen myself.

I thought that the ONLY way to do cardio was to spend hours on the treadmill.  … Read More

Cilantro Lime Chicken

cilantro lime chicken, cilantro, lime, chicken, avocado, cabbage, dinner, healthy, quick, cheap

Have you ever sat down to put together your meal plan for the week and just had no clue what to put down? I am that girl just about every week. Which isn’t good because this causes me to plan the exact same meals every week.… Read More